Though my formal training is in Fine Art, I've always had great interest in craft and the position that it plays in people's everyday lives. Leaving steel sculpture behind, I changed my focus to clay, producing ware in both porcelain and sculpture clays. The strong clean white porcelain suits me well in creating the teapot that doesn't drip, the vase that doesn't seep and the mug that is well balanced.  I'm interested in the impact produced by asymmetry and have begun perforating porcelain vessel walls thereby breaking out of the form. I squeeze the punctured walls creating a lacy, out-of-round focus and lending a texture to the surface.

On the other hand I also work with ever forgiving and wonderfully rich sculpture clay. The warm earthiness of this medium appropriately lends itself to out-door planters and orbs. With these clay bodies I am able to explore my life-long interest with texture in a completely new way.

No matter what the clay body or the building technique, my inspiration is to bring visual beauty and sensitive aesthetic into people's daily routines. Watching my work evolve but being unable to explain all of the twists and turns helps to maintain my interest and involvement.